Honestly, my story is too long to tell here, so I'll try to give you an overview. Although I had won awards for my art at a very young age, after I dropped out of high school, and after a deep involvement in the Civil Rights movement, I took off on a wayward journey. Writing, prose and poetry, both of which have garnered me awards, dominated my artistic expression for many years.  

That quest, fueled by wanderlust, romanticism and artistic passion, propelled me through a checkered past, which included smuggling pre-Columbian art out of Mexico, writing lyrics in Los Angeles, with songs recorded by Jennifer Warnes, Juice Newton and others, dabbling as a writer in the movie business, working with Liam Neeson and Penny Marshall, vagabonding throughout India and across Asia, and, at one time, living in London's Belgravia replete with Rolls and chauffer.

It was in 2010, while living in Santa Fe, New Mexico, that I began to paint in earnest. I had met the artist Roger Williams, who, after seeing some of my sketches, invited me to his studio. I workshopped with Roger in that beautiful studio a few times, and although brief, I leaned some important basics.

I began painting in oil and acryics for several years, but since 2022, I have concentrated on working digitally. Although I am creating on an iPad, the brush strokes, and the blending and mixing of colors are all there. I have come to love this form of expression.

My paintings have been exhibited in a variety of venues, including bG Gallery, Bergamot Station, Santa Monica, Palm Springs Art Museum, Palm Desert, Simon Den Gallery, Cathedral City, and Smith Vargus Fine Art, Palm Springs, as well as galleries in Laguna Beach and Los Angeles, and purchased by private collectors in the United States, Europe and Australia.  

Now, as dual French and American citizens, my wife Michele and I have been dividing our time between California, and France.


My work reflects observation and feeling about the intersection of ecstatic, instinctual primitive impulse and societal evolution.  

I love when images, intended and unintended, appear to the viewer, and then what they see draws something out of themselves.

My art contains a haphazard beauty, which springs from my interaction with the world. I work intuitively and instinctually. The strokes, the colors, the marks on the canvas, lead me on. I am not a technician and not driven by detail or method. I am led by circumstance to what works best for now.