A glance at a cloud can spark a thousand thoughts, all image echoes of spirit.

I started with oil, am now working with acrylic. I dropped out of school at 16, and I am not a technician and am not driven by detail or method. I am often if not always led by circumstance to what works best for now.

I am a totally different being than I once was. I lived outside the societal circuit, wandering the world, and a world of debauchery, for decades. I have changed, witnessed by 20 years of sobriety.

My paintings are all of a spiritual nature, no matter what the subject. Not spiritual in an organized sense, when words, practice or discipline try to create a communion with a deity or pacify an ego.

They are not making a statement other than being in wonder of what is.

A wall, a wave, an eye, a colorful swirl, all reverberate their limits and limitless link to thought so pure it is only felt.

That, for me, is art, and that is what makes me paint.