It took years for the inspiration to form and my confidence to rise to meet it, before I could paint abstract work. That is ironic, since it is often the case, people claim to be an artist and do abstract work because they can't actually paint or draw.

From Impressionism my work transformed, entranced by abstraction but still clinging to the representational, to Abstract Impressionism. One day I woke up confident, from my years of experience with paint, to create an abstract piece, knowing I was actually creating art and not just scribbling on the canvas.

Color and design are essential elements in my work, whether representational or abstract, and my more representational work also incorporates large doses of abstraction and imagination, as  I hope to find the intersection of the unknown and the commonplace, to bring the soul of the mountain to the surface of its stones.

I know very well that galleries and critics like an artist to present groups of paintings whose similarity appears as an identifiable body of work. I understand and appreciate that, yet as an artist, although there are some rules and laws I must, or choose, to obey, that isn't one of them. I paint bold and fast, guided only by my love of creation.