The abstract nature of reality plays a large role in the art I create. That the world we see comprises shapes of color, and those color shapes, laid onto a canvas, recreate the world, but with a difference.

The ordinary, the everyday, whether the telling distances of a broad landscape, the towering gray walls of the city or bright buildings dappling some Mediterranean coast, are telling us that we've walked these paths for centuries, understanding little, yet feeling it all.

I like abstract art, and I like representational art. I particularly like when the two meet. I hope to find the intersection of the unknown and the commonplace, to bring the soul of the mountain to the surface of its stones. I was greatly influenced by the impressionists.

I know very well that galleries and critics like an artist to present groups of paintings whose similarity appears as an identifiable body of work. I understand and appreciate that, yet as an artist, although there are some rules and laws I must, or choose, to obey, that isn't one of them. I paint bold and fast, guided only by my love of creation.