I love when images, intended and unintended, appear to the viewer. When what they see draws somethng out of themselves.

My art, although being created by a human hand, somehow tries to represent a haphazard beauty, such as one might find in nature. Although I can admire beautifully manicured gardens, I am not such a fan. I prefer the overgrown or untended landscape, which can offer a breathtaking beauty seemingly created at random. I work intuitively and instinctually. The strokes, the colors, the marks on the canvas, lead me on. I am not a technician and not driven by detail or method. I started with oil and now work mostly with acrylic. I am led by circumstance to what works best for now. My work represents human interaction with the earth that is not overbearing, but rather honors what it finds to be elegant without affectation.