*7-Day Guarantee: From the time you receive your original artwork, you have seven (7) days to decide whether to keep the work or return the artwork in its original condition for a refund.  Artwork must be returned to the artist in its original condition and packaging.

Step 1 - You have seven (7) days from when you receive the artwork to contact us at either or  about your intent to return the work. You must then ship the artwork to us within three (3) days from the day you contacted us about your intent to return the work. Do not ship the artwork before contacting us, or the guarantee is void. If you do not notify us of your intent to return the work within 7 days of receipt or you do not ship the work within 3 days of notifying us, you will NOT be eligible for a refund.

Step 2 – Repackage the artwork using the original packaging materials used by the artist. If you've already disposed of the original packaging, you'll be responsible for purchasing packaging materials to send the artwork back safely to the artist. Please refer to our Packaging Guidelines for instructions on how to safely package artwork for shipment.

Step 3 – Email or to complete the return process.

Packaging Guidelines

What you'll need:

• Acid-free archival tissue paper or glassine paper

• Plastic sheeting, poly wrap, or heavy plastic bag

• Bubble wrap

• Foam board at least .” thick

• Packing tape

• Cardboard corner protectors

• Cardboard box

Step 1 – Wrap the painting in acid-free, archival tissue paper or glassine. Note that any material

that comes into contact with the surface of the work should be archival quality. We advise that you

avoid touching the painting's surface with bare hands by wearing white cotton gloves or placing

acid-free tissue paper between the work and your fingers when handling.

Step 2 – To protect against moisture, wrap the glassine-covered artwork with plastic sheeting/poly

wrap or put it inside a heavy plastic bag. Use tape to seal all areas where water can enter and

cause damage.

Step 3 – Take four (4) 8”x 8” square pieces of acid-free tissue paper (you may adjust the size of

the squares to better fit the size of your work) and fold each in half diagonally to create a triangle,

then fold in half again to create a triangle pocket. Place one pocket onto each corner of the


Step 4 – Taping only onto the tissue paper corners, tape the wrapped painting to a sheet of foam

board the same size or slightly larger than the painting for a firm backing.

Step 5 – Wrap the entire work with two (2) layers of bubble wrap for a protective padding. Wrap it

as you would a gift, using tape to secure it shut.

Step 6 – Place cardboard corner protectors on the corners of the wrapped artwork.

Step 7 – Place the wrapped artwork between 2 pieces of foam board that are at least .”

thickness, forming a “sandwich.” Also, the borders of the foam board sheets should  extend 2-3

inches beyond all edges of the bubble-wrapped artwork. Use packing tape to bind the foam board

sandwich together. Be certain the sides are taped down firmly to ensure that the artwork doesn't

shift around within.

Step 8 – Place the foam board-covered painting into a cardboard box with approximately three (3)

inches of space on all sides. Fill the empty space with enough bubble wrap or wadded/shredded

white paper to ensure that the artwork doesn't shift during transit.

Step 9 – Use the H-taping method to seal the box. The H-taping method involves using long strips

of packing tape to completely seal the opening flaps of the box. Use one long strip of tape over the

horizontal opening between the two flaps, and two strips over the vertical sides of the flaps—

forming an “H.” Apply additional vertical strips of tape as needed across the sealed flaps for added

reinforcement. Illustrations of this method are provided by different sources online. Just type “Htaping

method” into the Google search box.

Step 10 – Affix the shipping label to the package and put clear tape over the label so it doesn't get

removed during shipment. Using a heavy black felt tip pen, write “ FRAGILE” in large capital letters

on the package. Also, write “ PLEASE KEEP UPRIGHT. DO NOT LAY FLAT."